Fsc Part 1 Mathematics (Complete Solution)

Which of the following sentences are true and which of them are false?

(i) {1,2} = {2,1}

Ans: Since the sets are independent of order ,so it is True.

(ii) Φ ⊆ {{a}}

Ans:Since empty set is a subset of every set, so it is True.

(iii) {a} ⊆{{a}}

Ans: Since {a} is an element of {{a}}, so it is false

(iv) {a}∈{{a}}

Ans:Since {a} is a member of {{a}}, so it is  True.

(v) a∈{{a}}

Ans:Since {a} is not an element of {{a}},so it is false

(vi) Φ∈{{a}}

Ans: Since Φ is not an element {{a}},so it is false

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