Blind Trust

14 Nov 2013, 10:01 AM

On one sunny day Mr. and Mrs. Harrison were sitting in their garden and having tea. They had a child whose name was Mandy. He was two year old.


Suddenly someone knock the door. When Mr. Harrison went to open the door and he saw that an old and ugly woman was standing outside the door. Mr. Harrison asked the woman what she wants and she replied that she is very poor and homeless so please give her a chance to live in their house for some time. First Mr. and Mrs. Harrison do not agreed but the woman said that she will take care of their house for free. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison agreed and the woman was very happy. She always does all the work of home all for them and also takes care of the child for them.

One day Mr. and Mrs. Harrison went out for some very important work and leave old woman to take care of the child but they didn’t know that the old woman was thief. She stole all the precious things from house and also kidnapped their child and she ran away from the home forever. When Mr. and Mrs. Harrison returned home they saw that there was nothing remaining in their house. When they got into the baby’s room they saw that their baby was kidnapped. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison started crying and got very sad. So does not trust anybody without knowing them.

MORAL: Do not trust anybody without knowing them.

Do not trust anybody without knowing them.

Date Posted 01 Nov 2013, 02:43 PM
Author Ahtesham Al Qadeer
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