A Naughty Girl

14 Nov 2013, 10:04 AM

Once upon a time there was a girl whose name was Ellie. She was seven year old. She lived with her mother, father and grandfather. She was very naughty and never listened to her elders. On one day she went to park with her dad. The park was full of people. Her father said to her that she must hold his hand tightly so she could not get lost in the park. But she didn’t listened and ran away. Her father got tense and started to find her. Her father thought that she is lost but she came and laughed and said that she was only joking. Her father got angry and said always obey your elders or you will face the consequences but she didn’t listened and did that mistake again and again. Her father got angry and took her back home. After reaching home her father said to her to go to sleep. She went to her bed room and slept.


When she slept she saw a dream that she was going to the school trip. Before going to the school trip her father advised that do not ran here and there alone. She agreed and trip started. When school trip reached at their point Ellie got out of the bus and started running here and there alone. She thought that she will not be lost but she was wrong and got lost in a forest. She tried to find the way out but she couldn’t. After sometime she thought that someone is behind her and when she saw behind her there was a loin. she stared running. After a long time she saw a cave and hides in that cave but there was a bear sleeping in that cave. She saw the bear and started screaming. The bear woke up and started following her.


She ran until she saw a big tree and hides behind it. After hiding behind the tree she saw that all dangerous insects started to crawl over her. Insects started biting her and at the time she got woke up and got terrified. She ran to her father’s room and said sorry to him and told all about her dangerous dream. She said that now she will always obey her elders. Her father, mother and grandfather were very happy to listen that from her.

MORAL: Always obey your elders.

The story of naughty girl who does not obey her elders.

Date Posted 04 Nov 2013, 11:46 AM
Author Ahtesham Al Qadeer
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