Learn From Mistake

14 Nov 2013, 10:06 AM

Once upon a time there was a girl whose name was Mona. She was 14 years old. She wants to be a chef and do cooking but her mother never allowed her to cook. One day when Mona tried to sneak in the kitchen but her mother saw her and started to yell at her. She got very upset and also got very sad. On one day her mother got typhoid.


She thought that she would make soup for her mother but she had no idea how to cook it. She had a recipes book which she opened and started cooking soup. She was cooking soup perfectly but she accidently added sugar instead of adding salt. She was very happy and thought that she is the best chef in the world but she didn’t know that she had done a mistake. When her mother tasted it she said that you had done a mistake. The girl asked what kind of mistake. Her mother told her that you had added sugar instead of salt. She got sad and started crying. Her mother’s said to her that don’t cry on your mistakes but learn from your mistakes. If you learn from your mistakes you will become a famous chef. She got happy and again cooked the soap for her mother and this time she added salt.


When her mother tasted it, her mother said to her that she had done an excellent and she got happy.

MORAL: Always learn from mistakes.

You must learn from your mistakes.

Date Posted 05 Nov 2013, 02:35 PM
Author Ahtesham Al Qadeer
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