Believe in Yourself

13 Nov 2013, 11:37 AM

A carnival had come to the small town in which a man lived with his wife and two children. One evening man went with his two children. His son who was around 10 years old, he wanted to spend his last few dollars on a game which involved throwing a ball through a basketball hoop which was not much bigger than the ball. He tried to convince his son that the game was too hard to win and that he should maybe spend his money on a ride or another game that might be easier. But he kept on insisting that he could win the basketball game. Finally, after much complaining, his father gave in and let him try, thinking that it would all soon be over and he would see how impossible it was to sink that ball.

His son handed the man working his money, took the ball and proceeded to sink the ball through the basket. His son chose his prize and looked up at him and said "You didn't think I could do it but I knew I could." His heart sank and learned a great lesson in parenting that day, thanks to his son. He learned that always believe in yourself and never say can't always say can!

Believe in Yourself

Date Posted 13 Nov 2013, 11:20 AM
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